Families and Contemporary art

How do you engage families with contemporary art when you don’t have a big-name gallery in town?  You bring brilliant, curiosity inducing artists to a big space in a market and let them get creative with families in a way that they couldn’t do at home.  As producer for Family Art Club for Heart of Glass I brought artists from the North West region and across the UK to St Mary’s Market in St Helens for three years of challenging arts activity.

Claire’s approach to work with families is to ensure that activities are suitable for different generations to participate in together, allowing for co-operation, sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas between children, parents, carers and grandparents.  Activities in public spaces are designed to introduce participants to the work of contemporary artists and to create something together at a different scale than would be possible at home.

Family activity clients include:
Heart of Glass Family Art Club
Manchester Art Gallery, Big Draw
The Brindley Arts Centre, Big Draw
Tent of Objects, EYFS project for St Helens Children’s Centres