“Adventures in Wonderland”

Laser engraved wooden boxes, collage, cut photographs, pins
Each 11x10x6cm, £60

“‘Cheshire puss’, she began…’Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'”; so asks Alice as she reaches a crossroads in her Wonderland adventure.  It was this feeling of uncertainty that I faced as I explored the city of Shanghai during a residency there in November 2012.

Language was a barrier and Chinese characters, rather than roman letters, were indecipherable.  The city buzzed around me and arrows as an internationally recognisable symbol became my guide.  These arrows have been paired with quotes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, along with images from my travels in Shanghai to convey a series of experiences of Shanghai.  From the feeling of my explorations being restricted on a guided tour, to the sensation that everyone is constantly on the move, or a pleasant morning ballroom dancing in a park, each box tells the story of my time exploring the city.