Invisible City, Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam, NL

Excerpt from a series of interventions A video camera, connected to a projector, which shows the image on rice-paper screens. The public see themselves reflected, the artist’s shadow is visible, wielding a paintbrush. She picks an unsuspecting member of the public and follows their hand or head, shoulder or foot as they move. The marks document this transient population; if they stop to watch, the line waits and the ink bleeds; the artist waits for moments when someone purposefully changes their movements.

Invisible City was an event in Schiedam, NL. Artists, builders, architects, actors, dancers, players and thinkers are invited to react to the notion of the moving, invisible city culminating in a public event at Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam between 2-4 September 2011.