Residential Mosaic

Video animation and cast resin houses

‘Residential Mosaic’ responds to the current housing issues in the UK, questioning why people live in certain locations, how populations can grow or be limited by geography, and political and economic issues that cause people to move their home.  ‘Neighbourhoods are more successful when they avoid large concentrations of housing of the same type.  A good mix of housing types and sizes is important in creating a basis for a balanced community’*.  It is both this ideal theoretical situation and the reality of how housing has developed that forms the focus of this work.  Each animated photo collage is a study of either a socio-political factor or of one of my research locations in the UK.  The changing animation and the building of new houses on the surface reflect a range of changing situations in UK housing.

*Buildings for life, CABE 2007

This work was supported by Arts Council Grants for the Arts, Halton Borough Council and Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces