Walking together/Walking apart

How do we support each other and stay connected when we can’t be together? Walking Together/Walking Apart explores the invaluable relationships which exist between and within support networks.

Walking Together/Walking Apart has been produced by Claire Weetman collaborating with members of Refugee Women Connect, created just prior to and then during multiple lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project explores and celebrates how the women connect and support each other.

Due to the separation from each other the project has taken the form of a series of ‘care packages’ designed for and with the women’s group. These boxes included items for self-care (for example nice teas and bubble bath), activities to do with children for mothers in the group and activities for the women to do themselves and to share in their WhatsApp group. Walking Together/Walking Apart explores four themes: ‘time for you’, ‘who we are’, ‘create’ and ‘share knowledge’. A final artwork package brought together elements from each of the care packages and 100 boxes were delivered to members of Refugee Women Connect and other women in the local community.

Walking Together/Walking Apart is a continuation of Claire Weetman’s long-term collaborations with communities with experiences of migration.

Commissioned and produced by Heart of Glass in partnership with Refugee Women Connect.
Supported by Arts Council England through the Creative People and Places Programme

Additional photographs by Radka Dolinska.