Drawing Showdown – Saatchi Online

I’ve entered a drawing from 2008 into this competition by Saatchi Online. There are currently 2000 entries open for public vote in an art face-off. You pick your favourite from a choice of 2 drawings and they are all ranked according to how folks vote. The top 300 go through to a judges panel.

My entry is ‘One minute: Kyoto Station’ a drawing from 2008, but part of a series that i’m revisiting with plans for drawings from my recent travels in Portugal, Holland and Ireland. One minute of digital video is taken from a high balcony, or at the top of a flight of stairs. The video is then projected, and a drawing made that traces the movement of the people in the image.

The drawing is currently hovering between 140th and 220th place, so hopefully it will go through to round 2, but you can vote for the work here: http://www.saatchionline.com/showdown/match/showdown/8/artist/301963
You either need to register or connect with Facebook to vote – Thanks for taking the trouble.