New works from Shanghai

Following her month-long residency as part of the Metal international residency in November 2012, a selection of drawings and collages are now visible in Claire’s portfolio on her website.

The works have until now only been visible at the online exhibition (dis)Orientation, produced at the end of November to showcase the work made in Shanghai.  This exhibition showed a selection of drawings and collages, plus proposed film and interactive digital works which are set to be developed throughout 2013.

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? is a body of work that uses images of arrows observed in the city of Shanghai.  These arrows direct and instruct movement of people throughout the city, controlling and regulating flow.  The drawings and collages take the arrows out of context, removing any language and are arranged with arrows showing the same direction.  The drawings are simple pen outlines on paper, whilst the collages see the arrows carefully sliced out from a larger photograph, pinned to a board and lit, creating strong directional shadows.

“A remarkable architecture of stairs” are studies that have been completed back in the studio in St Helens, and form an experiment with composition and tone for the video work of the same name.  Inspired by the rhythm and movement of escalators between the floors of the many tall buildings, these slender works are made using graphite-coated strips of paper, some polished to a high shine, which are then collaged together.

These works are also available to purchase, ranging from £150 to £300 each.  Email the artist through her website.