The Big Draw in Congleton

Claire Weetman worked with Cheshire East Council, Congelton Leisure Centre and it’s visitors on Saturday 22 October 2011 to create a Big Draw sporting spectacular. Digi Dot-to-dot featured a numbered course, laid out like a dot-to-dot, with flags and fun.

Children, mums and dads all joined in to select a sporting way of navigating the course, which was laid out in the outline of the London 2012 logo for Track Cycling. Space hoppers abounded, hula hoops rotated and families teamed up for wheelbarrow races around the circuit. Skipping dads, crawling mums and crabbing kids competed for top spot on the power lap board, where, unlike Top Gear, points were awarded for a creative method of travel rather than speed.

All of this exhausting activity was filmed from above where the cyclist image could be seen to greatest effect and edited into the following video where the traces of the people can be seen to trace the outline of the figure.

Those who needed a breather from all this activity could release their creative juices on paper, completing dot-to-dots and making their own. Flowers, a combine harvester, sailing boats and a surfing cat were all drawn through the medium of dot-to-dot.