Landing Lights

Hanging sculpture/artists book
Digital drawing on paper, machine cut lettering, wood, cord.

60 x 70cm


Responding to the needs of an infant child in the dark; being in the house more during maternity leave; watching the seasons change by the light filtering in through windows during pandemic lockdowns; these things have informed Landing Lights. Being shown for the first time at a show with (M)other Collective in Manchester in January 2023, this hanging sculpture takes the form of a window blind. A digital drawing is based on observations of light filtering through the slats at a window and this has the words from a poem cut into the concertina-ed printed paper.

A close up of a sheet of grey paper folded like a concertina, with words cut into it. Only the words closest to the camera can be read.

The work can hang as a window blind, with the opportunity for it to interact and cast shadows with the light in the exhibition space or be folded up and wrapped as though it were a scroll. As with many of my artist book works, they are a maquette for an installation and a way of thinking about an idea within a personal, controlled space.