A maquette for a maze of displacement

Projected video installation
Duration: 4:31

Claire Weetman proposes to create a maze whose walls are made of people who are making emotive gestures with their hands and bodies; a maze whose walls shift, opening and closing passageways for an audience to explore and experience. She imagines that the maze will be formed of 3000 people, and it will be performed in public spaces throughout the UK and Europe. This video is a model for that large-scale performative artwork.

Claire’s work looks at how people move through spaces and what affects how and why they move in a certain way. This might be the presence of signs, bollards and fences in a public square in a city, or the border fences, conflict and fear that can cause large scale population displacement. In this video installation Claire is exploring how hand gestures can both express the emotions behind displacement and portray the physical boundaries that exist for people to navigate through.