Residual Projects Residency

Performance & installation

Inspired by the traces of movement of people or objects through a space, Claire seeks to make that which is invisible, visible again. She achieves this through a combination of processes such as performance, drawing and installation.

On Friday the 5th December, at the opening of Residual Projects, Claire invited around thirty visitors to assist her in the production of a piece which responds to South Square Gallery’s history as a collection of stonemason cottages. After careful research in to census records, Claire calculated a set formula for the size of squares which were to be marked on the floor using measuring tapes; their size based upon the number of people living in South Square during the time of the census and different legislation about over-crowding regulations. Her work raises questions about current housing issues facing the public today with rising property prices, the lack of available housing and government legislation e.g the ‘bedroom tax’.

The remnants of this performance remained visible to the gallery audience as measuring tapes criss-crossing the gallery’s floor and a time lapse video of the process.