By Way of Small Actions/Tearing Space Apart

My first exploration in producing an artist’s book will be on show and available for sale at Basket House Village Universe‘s residency programme which opens 1 July 2011

Tearing Space Apart #1-7 is a series of graphite drawings which explore the space of a piece of paper. More information on the drawings and the process used to create them can be seen in a separate posting.

Artists who entered By Way of Small Actions were asked to create a visual book of ‘small actions’ describing their working process and these will be on display and available to buy throughout the duration of the residency. Artists Gema Sainz, Joanna Peace, James Lowne & Andrew Stewart, Nicol Dourala and Victoria Adam have been invited into the gallery space to develop working ideas simultaneously in situ as a month long residency. Working across the disciplines of sculpture, video, performance, drawing and installation, the artists will have free reign over what direction their work might take over the course of the month. The gallery will be open to the public whilst the artists are at work, offering visitors a rare insight into artists working methods, and how the art works evolve and interact with the space and each other.