Tearing Space Apart #1-7

I recently produced a series of graphite drawings as part of a submission process for a residency which has set me off on an interesting path. Here i’ll show the process used and the final works.


  • 3:1 format piece of paper
  • Tear random shapes out of page until just a border remains
  • Number shapes
  • Use a chance method to select a quantity of pieces and which pieces to use
  • From a height, allow the selected pieces to land on a new 3:1 piece of paper
  • Use a variety of drawing methods (graphite powder, outlines, erasing) to mark the spaces on the paper

These drawings are inspired by my 2008 visit to Ryoan-ji gardens, a series of my drawings which can be seen here and the recent John Cage Every day is a good day exhibition at BALTIC last September.

Cover – Space torn apart

#1 Graphite – flat

#2 Graphite – flow between

#3 Pencil Outlines

#4 Pencil Outlines until touching

#5 Eraser outline

#6 Erased graphite

#7 processes #1-6 combined