Contentores, Lisboa, Portugal

I came across this project by P28 at the Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon through an article in the guardian and decided to visit and respond to it on my trip to Portugal this month. A series of exhibitions are taking place in the containers, and the ones that I caught were by InĂªs Amado + Sonia Boyce, curated by Paul Goodwin (Tate Britain).

Boyce’s dance of Belem includes a section, which appealed to me, where she follows and mimics members of the public within the gardens opposite the cultural centre.

Contentores – a response
As this project is due to come to Liverpool as part of Biennial 2012, I decided to create my own response to the use of the shipping container. Taking the format, I’ve created a net of the container and created a drawing onto it’s surface.

I’ve taken this model to Lisbon and photographed it in situ with the containers there. If realised I’d like to have the drawn lines cut into the metal, with the box being lit from the inside creating a 3 dimensional drawing referencing the space and volume of the box.