New work – inspired by John Cage

‘Every day is a good day’ opens at the Southbank Centre today and is a chance to see this touring exhibition of John Cage’s work. I saw it at Baltic back in September and in the past few months have been producing drawings inspired by Cage’s process and his use of stones.

John Cage (1912-1992), Where R = Ryoanji (3R/17), 1992, Pencils on handmade Japanese paper, 25.4 x 48.3 cm, The John Cage Trust, Red Hook, New York, Photo: David Heald/SRGF, New York, © The John Cage Trust at Bard College. via

John Cage, Where R=Ryoanji: R3, 1983. Courtesy Henning Lohner. © The John Cage Trust. via

Here is a selection of the recent drawings I have been working on:

Tabloid (Square Root 4), pencil on paper, 420x590mm

Tearing Space Apart 4:3, pencil on paper, 66x50mm

Tearing Space Apart 4:3 (black), correction fluid on tempera, 66x50mm

Cracks 1: Watersoluble Graphite and pencil on paper, 170x120mm
White postcard on black: Collage, black tempera and paper, 170x120mm

Contentores, pencil on paper

Net: 7 sided cobble, pencil on paper, 590x420mm

7 sided cobble, net x 7. Pencil on paper, 590x420mm

7 sided cobble, net squared. Pencil on paper, 590x420mm