Fab Camp, Liverpool Art & Design Academy, 29-30 January 2011

I’ve just attended Fab Camp this weekend – an excellent opportunity to play with the digital fabrication tools on offer at Liverpool John Moores Art & Design Academy. Here are some of my experiments from the past 2 days.

In order to understand the capabilities of the equipment I developed this model out of plywood – somewhat a return to subject matter I painted around 12 years ago. The scene is based on views in Keswick.

Day 2, and I wanted to develop some works with a relationship to my current practice. These images show layering of soundwaves – laser engraved onto 3 sheets of acrylic.

And just for fun, an example of how 3d modelling and 3d printing works with a lego representation of yours truly (with only one hand!):

Other events from the weekend included talks from Hayden Insley of Fab Lab Manchester, Q&As from Razorlab, talks and guidance from Ilsa Parry and Jason Nelson of Dundee University.