State of Perception – METAL Liverpool 4 – 26 Feb 2011

The exhibition is an experiment in artist’s exchange. The conceptual starting point for these collaborations is Edge Hill station itself, the World’s oldest passenger railway station and the home of Metal Liverpool. ‘State of Perception’ will detail upon the emotional resonance of journeys taken from the space – the potential romance, secrecy, joy or inspiration of travel.

During State of Perception, Claire is asking rail travellers to collaborate with her, documenting their journey from Edge Hill Station using the record function in their mobile phones. Combining audio, soundwaves and mapping, Claire will create an online artwork that traces daily journeys – see for more information on how to take part.

Along the line – exhibited cards inviting the public to participate.
Commercial and handmade print onto card

Chatham Road (Eventually Everyone had moved) now showing at METAL
Hand drawn animation, 3:46

Along the Line – public display of invitation cards on trains and in railway stations

The Private View saw performances by musicians Greedy Jesus and Dogstar Rose and poets Jason Richardson & Garry Kelly Hartley

Contributing artists are: Charles Andersen (UK), Sarah Coventry (USA), Claudia Czimek (Austria), Lee Kendall (UK), Tifany Kendall (Canada), Jacqueline F Kerr (UK), Jet Pascua (Norway), Sue Meyerhoff Sharples (UK), Emma Sumner (UK), Wendy Williams (UK) and Claire Weetman (UK).