Platform pop-up studios

Platform is a group of artists based in St Helens, UK, who are working together to share their practice and to address the lack of affordable, accessible, studio spaces in the town. On Wednesday 15th December 2010, the artists took to the streets of St Helens to produce artworks within the town in order to highlight this to a wider audience.

Claire Weetman produced ‘Recording the Journey‘ a drawing intervention on the pavements of St Helens, which visually charted an audio recording of a journey through the town, and used snippets of overheard conversation.

Above: ‘Recording the Journey‘, Intervention, Chalk on pavement, Claire Weetman
Photograph courtesy Tony Glover

Below left: Work in Progress, Joan Birkett
Photograph Courtesy Angela Wilkinson

Joan Birkett created a temporary exhibition of some works in progress and invited the passing audience to make marks on canvas which she could later develop. Photographers Jon Holden, Tony Glover and Angela Wilkinson exhibited some of their works, produced new work and documented the event, whilst Tony Maher from the organisation ‘Art from a bag’ invited the public to take photographs and email them back.

Michael and Adam from Renaissance Film Productions filmed the event, and Tina Culshaw from T5 magazine was present and will no doubt feature Platform’s efforts in an upcoming issue.

Audience pulling events came from poet Raphael Hart, who performed his works to gathered students and shoppers, and the installation ‘Restricted Movement‘ by Pauline Heyes brought humorous responses and engaged debate from those who saw it.

Restricted Movement‘, Pauline Heyes, Installation
Photograph courtesy Angela Wilkinson

Raphael Hart performing his poetry outside St Helens College
Photograph courtesy Tony Glover

Platform plans to hold more events in 2011 in its efforts to work towards the establishment of affordable studios in the town of St Helens.

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